How to Protect Your Furniture and Family from Grime and Bacteria

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This one thing will make your life a whole lot easier.

How do you deal with germs, urine and grime? When that can of Pepsi spills onto the couch, you let out a gasp. When urine seeps into furniture upholstery, you wonder, now what? Cleaning cushions and porous materials can be a tricky thing. Liquids on a plush sofa can leave behind sweet, sticky residues, visual stains and residual odors.

It’s not just liquids we have to worry about. Pollen, bacteria, dirt from our clothes, dead skins cells, oils from our hands and hair, pet dander, food droppings, even bits of fecal matter can turn our furniture black and filthy. We’ve been spending a lot more time at home these days, and our couches are getting a lot more use. Over time, they can really take a beating.

Staying healthy is important. Having the upholstery professionally cleaned is one solution. Another option is to purchase a new set of sofas when things get too far gone. A more economical solution is to protect your furniture with a fitted mattress cover or mattress pad. It’s a simple trick that will make your life a whole lot easier.

A Queen fits comfortably on this oversized armchair (pictured). Try a King size for a longer sofa. For household members with incontinence, make sure to check the label and ensure that the pad is a waterproof version. Now, a grape juice spill or urine soaked sofa is a breeze to take care of. Simply remove the protective outerwear and machine wash and dry as often as you need to. It’s easy to keep your sofa consistently clean and comfortable using these coverings.

Mattress covers and pads work better than blankets and comforters because they can provide more complete upholstery coverage, plus the elastic around the edges creates a more secure fit. A mattress pad with its quilted cushioning can also make rest and relaxation even more comfy as it covers edges and smooths over cushion gaps, especially on longer sofas.

So lounge away! With the creative use of mattress coverings, we have peace of mind that we can enjoy a more consistently cleaner, and healthier couch potatoing experience. Less wear and tear on the furniture. Maintenance that’s easier on the pocketbook too.

Of course, when you plan to entertain guests, outsiders, or extended family, the situation calls for beauty over comfort. Feel free to remove the covers. Then again, you may start to think of all the naughty, little kids running through your house unfettered -- with their adorable, grubby little fingers and chocolate cake faces -- spitting at each other just for fun. With those images in mind, you may just want to throw those protective coverings back on. Yup. Function over form. Every time.

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