Our Passionate Purpose

An easier path to work-life-care balance.



Smoother Life is passionate about discovering solutions that make everyday living easier for our loved ones and for those who care for them.

How do we do it all and take care of everyone and ourselves?

Many of us work, take care of children, manage households .... and help take care of our aging relatives or friends. We are members of the "sandwich generation."

Some of us are overseeing the care of multiple older relatives.

Many of us left jobs and care for a sick or older relative full-time.

Whether you live with an ill or aging relative, live across town, or in another state from those you care for, things can get stressful.

We're not alone. Did you know ...

  • There are 53 million U.S. adults that are informal caregivers (for an adult or child with special needs).
  • 23% of U.S. adults are part of the "Sandwich Generation" caring for kids and older relatives.
  • 61% of caregivers are juggling their own jobs with their caregiving responsibilities. 
  • More than 1 in 5 U.S. Adults (21.3%) are caregivers (for an adult or child with special needs).
  • 90% of older adults plan to age in place (in their own homes rather than in a facility).

The term "caregiver" includes adult children that manage care for others while living elsewhere. They may be dropping by and bringing food or organizing care long-distance. 

Smoother Life explores evolving work structures, work-family balance solutions, family care arrangements; useful tools and technology; and services that can help reduce stress, improve security, and increase our quality of life.  

Change is inevitable and we can never truly know what to expect next. But together we can learn to overcome obstacles, connect better with those we love, build more fulfilling lives --and have some fun!