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The idea for Smoother Life was born out of my personal experience. I began creating this website to find solutions to my own problems, and I look forward to helping others find their way too.

I understand that caring for or managing care for a sick, disabled, or aging friend or family member looks different for everyone. Whether we’re ensuring needs are met for someone in another state; living together with a care recipient; arranging assisted living for a close friend; or dropping off homemade meals to those aging in place, we’re simply all looking out for those we love.

My care journey includes helping my father who developed a Parkinsonian-like disease called PSP or Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. I was close to my dad so seeing him decline was difficult. He needed 24/7 care, and I was grateful to have some flexibility to be there by his side throughout his illness. Thankfully, there were other family members and loyal friends who provided help and support as well.

And yet, it was still challenging. There were many urgent situations, many pressing, unexpected, immediate needs that had to be addressed. I would often seek help, but all the connecting calls and googling would bring me back to where I started. There wasn’t enough time to keep researching. I often wished I could have a solution magically presented to me on the spot. But life doesn’t always work that way. Caring for a loved one can be an isolating experience.

Over 90% of older Americans plan to age in place in their own homes rather than live in a facility. Many adult children will do their best to honor their parents’ wishes, but they will need help doing so.

How do you best take care of responsibilities minding aging relatives and other family members, while maintaining households and one’s own physical and mental health? Additionally, how do you do it all while building a career, saving for the future, and/or forging your own personal path?

Providing care for loved ones can be emotional, challenging, and personally rewarding. You feel like you’re doing the right thing and couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. Leveraging tools to do things conveniently will often save money and time. If we take the time to look all around us, solutions begin to reveal themselves.

Together, let’s discover new ways of living, learn to navigate the pitfalls, try out new technology and services, find support, and enjoy personal achievement and fulfillment. We can create a smoother life for ourselves and our loved ones!



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