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If you or your loved one needs assistance at a Costco fuel station, know that on-site help is only one call -- or honk away.

When I pulled up to the pump, I already saw the one I was looking for. He was decked out in a bright, orange vest connected to a receiver phone and had just walked into the attendant booth located on a central fuel island. He was only three steps from my car and when he turned, he greeted me with a big, warm smile.

This helpful attendant confirmed everything I had been told to expect about the Costco pump assistance program -- and more!

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To get help, all you need to do is honk your horn, and an attendant, like himself, will come right over to help you. For those who feel self-conscious about honking, you can call the number on the pump, the young man explained, showing me the blue ADA placard. Requests for assistance go straight to him and he easily answers calls with a push-button device attached to the front of his jacket.

When he sees an elderly person struggling, he’ll often go over on his own accord to offer assistance. When he sees a handicapped plate, he also goes over to help. And yes, he does everything – takes payment, pumps the gas, closes the cap, and gives the receipt to the Costco member. The customer need not even get out of the vehicle. How nice is this attendant!

The assisted service is certainly helpful for many Costco gas station patrons. Perhaps you have a question about how to pay with your membership and Visa credit card. Maybe you’ve developed arthritis and twisting the gas cap has become more challenging these days. For the disabled gentleman who would otherwise have to maneuver himself into his wheelchair on a rainy day to pump his own gas, this is a welcome service.

According to Costco’s website, “Our employees help customers in a variety of ways, including aid to anyone requiring physical assistance in fueling their vehicle.”

If you know that you will need regular assistance, I recommend saving the number indicated on the pump of your local Costco gas station onto your phone. This way, when you drive up to the pump, you can easily make the call to request service from the safety of your vehicle. If you notice where the attendant’s booths are located, you might also choose to pull into those lanes as attendants often return there and may be more readily available to assist you.

I would caution against walking across lanes to search for an attendant. With vehicles moving in and out, the easiest and most prudent course of action is to call or honk your horn, as instructed, when you arrive at the pump.

“Anyone can get any level of assistance by simply honking their horn to get the employee’s attention,” explained Mandi Jackson, a representative from Kirkland Signature Fuel, in an email.

There is at least one attendant on duty at all times at every Costco gas station and all attendants are trained and certified. Qualified attendants are stationed at the fuel islands where they oversee operations and assist customers to ensure a safe and positive experience.

All Costco fuel stations across the country are self-service with the exception of full-service stations in Oregon and New Jersey. For customers visiting gas stations outside of these two states, pump assistance for Costco members is a much-appreciated service perk. Costco members can also purchase Costco Shop Cards (reloadable gift cards) and anyone can use these cards to pay for gas at a Costco station. When using a Costco Cash Card, an attendant would need to authorize the pump first.

Everyone deserves a little help to make our daily lives easier. This is especially true for our elderly, the disabled, or simply those who want to remain independent but need a bit of assistance here and there, including with fueling their vehicles.

According to Mandi Jackson of Costco, “We don’t keep track of how many members take advantage of this service, but we do receive numerous emails from grateful members.”

So, please, pass this useful information on to your loved ones who may need help fueling their vehicle at a Costco gas station. Ultimately, we all go through life on our own. But a little needed assistance in the day can go a long way to feeling that we don’t have to struggle alone.




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