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Well, you've come to the right place if you ask yourself these questions …


  • What life hacks, products and services will help keep my aging parent(s) independent for as long as possible?


  • I don’t live close by. How can I keep loved ones safe and healthy when I am managing care long-distance?


  • What work or community programs, apps, gadgets, and convenience services will help make my life easier as I manage the demands of working and caring for others (whether they live with me or in another household)?


  • How do I create a life that allows me to both earn a living and care for aging, ill, or disabled friends and/or relatives?


  • When my parents call for help, what apps and tailored services can I use to safely and efficiently solve their problems when I am limited on time?


  • Where can I go for help or to whom can I call when managing it all becomes overwhelming?


  • What are some local events or venues that are senior-friendly, ADA-accessible, supportive and/or accommodating to our needs?


If you’re seeking answers and support as you navigate life, come and visit again and again as we continue to discover and share solutions, ideas, discounts and activities that help us live smoother, happier lives. We've got this!



Smoother Life is building a community of support. Feel free to start a conversation and comment below. 

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